Discover the world of research and scholarship at La Trobe

At scholars.latrobe.edu.au you can find the research, scholarship and activities of La Trobe University academic staff. The profiles summarise a person's expertise and displays their connections with colleagues. Visitors can search for staff members by name, keyword, subject area or anything on their profile.

Profiles are created automatically for staff using information from central La Trobe University systems, and customised by profile owners. scholars.latrobe.edu.au is an implementation of VIVO , an open-source research networking tool developed at Cornell.


Publications displayed in scholars.latrobe.edu.au come from My Publications, an online service implemented by La Trobe University Libraries to help La Trobe staff manage their publications history. Elements draws data from bibliographic sources, like Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science , arXiv , RePEc and others. Publications can also be imported or entered manually.

For more information on MyPublications go to the Elements Help page.