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Professor Andrew Peele Adjunct Professor, Office of Molecular Sci

My research interests cover a broad range of topics mainly related to uses of and research into x-ray optics.

I am a Program Manager in the new Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science. This is a 17 million dollar research project that will operate between the Universities of La Trobe, Melbourne, Swinburne, Monash and the CSIRO. The Centre combines world-class expertise in imaging, structural biology, laser science and molecular theory. Novel high-resolution imaging techniques will be developed using synchrotron sources, including the Australian synchrotron, and, ultimately, free electron lasers to determine the structures of important drug targets whose molecular structure cannot be determined with current techniques. For more information see the Centre web page.

I am also a Project Leader for the La Trobe University node of a consortium of institutions including, Deakin, Monash and Swinburne Universities and the CSIRO, which is managed by the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing with 5 million dollars in funding from the Victorian State Government. Along with other instruments in the Centre for Materials and Surface Science we will install and commission a high resolution x-ray tomography system that will allow us to bridge the gap between surface analytical research to understanding the microstructure of materials.

To see what I have been doing you can look at my list of publications and presentations. Some of my active research areas are also listed. You can get more of an idea of the details by looking at possible projects. Almost all of the projects can be taken on as either 4th year or PhD projects - the goals and level of involvement required will be altered to suit. Centre related projects are asterisked.


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