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Dr Muhammad Rahman Honorary Research Fellow, AustInstPrimCare&Ageing

I am a Public Health Specialist and a Medical Doctor. I have experience of working in the areas of public health research, program and teaching for about a decade, both in Australian and international settings. I have sound research background in public health specifically epidemiology. My research track record includes work on behavioural risk factors for prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, cardiovascular diseases in particular, tobacco, health promotion, health system research, nursing research, work with Aboriginal, disadvantaged and rural population. I am primarily a quantitative researcher. I have experience of managing public health programs in developing countries and engaging multicultural communities to improve health and well-being. I have also experience of teaching public health and epidemiology, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in Australia and overseas. My experience also includes working with multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders, including Government, non-Government organizations, academics, community leaders and general public.
At present, I am working as a Senior Lecturer at Austin Clinical School of Nursing, La Trobe University in Melbourne. I am teaching research subjects to the undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students, playing key role in offering research leadership, contributing significantly to the research outputs, mentoring higher degree research students, promoting research links with collaborators, contributing to improving the research profile of the clinical school.


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