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Dr Anoo Bhopti Lecturer Occupational Therapy Alfred, Occupational Therapy

Dr Anoo Bhopti completed her PhD on family quality of life (FQOL) in parents of children with disability and investigated how services such as Early Childhood Intervention can impact on their FQOL and their everyday occupations. Anoo works closely with Early Childhood Intervention Australia to promote evidence-based practice and inclusion and participation of all children and their families.
Anoo has worked for over 25 years as a paediatric occupational therapist in clinical practice in early childhood intervention, schools, and community health services. Anoo is committed to working closely with families, to achieve inclusion and participation of children in their homes and communities and follows family-centred practice, strength-based and person-first approaches. Here research interests include childhood disability, family quality of life, parent occupations, paediatric occupational therapy interventions, evidence-based practice, translation research and inclusion and participation of children with disability.
Currently Anoo is translating her research into practice and piloting a parent support program called "We Care" with an aim to improve family quality of life of families recently diagnosed with a disability.


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