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Adrienne Brodie Graduate Researcher, Crime,Justice & Legal Studies

I am currently conducting research into how people who experience severe forms of environmental sensitivities, (ES) or environmental illnesses (EIs), negotiate housing precarity that occurs as a direct consequence of their conditions. People living with ES experience difficulties accessing both private and public buildings and open areas for a myriad of reasons. My interest in this area began 10 years ago when I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and began to experience housing stress associated with losing my tolerance to low-level pollutants within the home. My own access to private and public areas was suddenly diminished, but I also experienced significant access barriers to my own home. People living with EIs experience stigma and exclusion due to barriers that are often unnoticed in the community, and it is my aim to bring about an understanding of how people with EIs work around these barriers, by first looking at the home environment - a place that this group are vulnerable to losing access to, and is a lesser known risk of homelessness. This project has been funded by La Trobe University's Internal Research Grant Scheme (IRGS) which was used to enable my successful completion of fieldwork. I have also conducted an Honours (Anthropology) research project titled, When the Walls Close In: The environment as a 'therapeutic landscape' for those living with environmental illness: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (2016).