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Dr Amanda Cooklin Tracey Banivanua Mar Research Fellow, Judith Lumley Centre

Dr Amanda Cooklin is a social scientist and Senior Research Fellow at the Judith Lumley Centre at La Trobe University, leading the work-family research area within the Centre's 'Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program'. She has established expertise in the epidemiology of parents' mental health, the social determinants of parenting, and the work-family interface. Her research comprises epidemiological cohort studies and intervention trials, with a focus on establishing the longitudinal relationships between parents' mental health (anxiety, depression, fatigue), parenting and children's outcomes and the role of parents' employment, job quality and work-family balance on parent mental health and parenting. Dr Cooklin has attracted $2M million in research funding, resulting in 45 scientific publications on parents work and wellbeing. She has also presented widely on this topic.


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