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Dr Alex Davis Honorary Affliliate, Politics

I am an NGN research fellow with La Trobe University Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy and the Australia India Institute.

My PhD research looked at India's relationship with the English-speaking world, looking at the role of race, empire, identity and hierarchy in the relationship.

I am currently finalizing a book project on IR's disciplinary history, with Vineet Thakur (Leiden University) and Peter Vale (University of Johannesburg), which looks at the transnational spread of the discipline around the settler colonies and India.

I am now researching India's borderlands and its foreign policy, particularly focused on the Indian Ocean and the Himalaya.

In the Himalaya, India and China's competitive statemaking projects are leading to massive infrastructure development, troop deployments and a tourist rush. This is transforming the region environmentally, socially and linguistically.

In the Indian Ocean, I am looking at the Indian state's historical memory of the region, and particularly how this is tethered to the Indian diaspora around the ocean.

I am interested in postgraduate supervision on topics related to India's international history, Indian foreign policy and postcolonialism, race and racism in IR.


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