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Dr Alex Davis New Generation Network Scholar, College PVC (ASSC) Off

I am an NGN research fellow with La Trobe University Department of Politics and Philosophy and the Australia India Institute.

I am from Hobart, where I studied history and international relations at the University of Tasmania. I became particularly interested in colonial history and its effects on contemporary politics, especially in India. I moved to the University of Adelaide to pursue a PhD, studying India's relationship with the English-speaking world. After completing, I worked at the University of Johannesburg, studying the colonial foundations of the discipline of international Relations across India and the 'Old Commonwealth'. With La Trobe University and the Australia-India Institute, I am focused on studying specific Indian states (Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Sikkim, West Bengal and Kerala) as international political spaces with distinct historical experiences, identities and outlooks on world affairs.

I am interested in postgraduate supervision on topics related to India's international history, Indian foreign policy and postcolonialism, race and racism in IR.


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