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Adamm Ferrier Lecturer, Community Health, Public Health

Adamm originally completed an allied health qualification at Lincoln Institute (prior to the merging with La Trobe University), following this a nursing qualification and specialisation in operating room or perioperative nursing.

For the first half of his career during the day he worked as a nurse, and as a professional musician in the evenings with the Victoria State Opera. As a theatre manager, he developed an interest in procurement of health supplies, and was invited to help establish Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV), a statutory authority that procures goods and services on best value terms for the state.This required him to take on the roles of Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary.

He completed an MHA at La Trobe University, and was later invited to provide sessional teaching, initially teaching The Australian Healthcare System. After seven years at HPV he spent a brief period as a national quality manager for a leading health insurance organisation, before returning to a clinical role. In 2009 he was appointed as the health contract manager of correctional health services for the State of Victoria. After two years in this role an opportunity arose to join La Trobe as a full time member of staff with the China Health Program.

Adamm is quoted as saying "I am proud to work at La Trobe University, and to continue my academic progress towards a doctorate. Having been a student at a number of universities, I can honestly say that my experience at La Trobe during the MHA was the most positive experience of all courses I have completed. It is a pleasure (and at times humbling) to work with so many gifted colleagues as we see the leaders of tomorrow's healthcare grow their skills and expertise here in Melbourne and with our partner universities (Harbin Medical University and Tsinghua University Shenzhen Institute) in the People's Republic of China."


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