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Professor Alberto Gomes Emeritus Professor, Anthropology

Much of my research has been on the impact of state-sponsored development, capitalism and modernity on Indigenous communities, particularly the Orang Asli (Malaysian Aborigines). Drawing from this research, I have published numerous papers and three books (Malaysia and the "Original People", with R. Dentan, K. Endicott, and B. Hooker, Looking for Money and Modernity and Malaysia: Settling the Menraq Forest Nomads). I have also published on cultural politics in Malaysia (such as the edited book Multiethnic Malaysia, with Lim Teck Ghee and Azly Rahman) and in Goa, India. In the last five years, my publication projects have focused on what we can learn from Indigenous peoples and their epistemologies rather than merely learning about them. Related to this are my current projects on (1) the nexus between equality (or egalitarianism), sustainability and peace and (2) Indigenous forms of conflict transformation, dialogue and empathetic engagement. I am also working on a book, tentatively entitled Culture Matters in Malaysia. For the past twenty five years, I have taught introductory anthropology.


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