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Dr Adela Harvey Adjunct Lecturer, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

I am a Marine Botanist focusing on the taxonomy, systematics and biodiversity of Coralline Red Algae in Australia. Understanding the biodiversity of coralline algae (what species occur where and how to tell them apart) will help us elucidate the important role these algae play in the marine environment.

A second focus is studying and describing the community structure of rhodolith beds. These relatively newly described habitats are constructed by coralline red algae. Understanding what coralline species make up these beds and their interrelationship with marine invertebrates has important implications for rhodolith bed conservation and management.

In addition I teach into first year biology subjects both as a Practical Co-ordinator and Casual Lecturer.

Research Focus

(1) Taxonomy and Systematics of Coralline Red Algae

(2) Assessing the biodiversity of Coralline Red Algae in Australia

(3) Community structure of marine rhodolith beds


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