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Alex Haschek OTARC Research Officer, Autism Research Centre

Alex Haschek completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science at Newcastle University in 2004 and a Bachelor of Psychology (honours) at the University of New England in 2014. Alex has been involved in research for approximately 6.5 years in a variety of disciplines and roles including public health, education and most recently autism. Alex specialises in providing research project support including Qualtrics survey building and management, data management in SPSS, and process streamlining.

Recent policy submission:

Dissanayake, C., Richdale, A. L., Haschek, A., Ihsen, E., Barbaro, J., Hedley, D., Bury, S., Flower, R., Hayward, S. M., Sadka, N., Denham, M. (2020). La Trobe University Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC) response to the Select Committee on Autism. Bundoora. La Trobe University.


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