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Professor Andy Herries Head of Department, Archaeology&History, Archaeology

I am a Professor and currently the Head of Dept. of Archaeology and History. I am a field palaeoanthropologist who studies Human Origins as well as a geochronologist and geoarchaeologist that runs The Australian Archaeomagnetism Laboratory; a lab promoting the use of magnetic (palaeomagnetism, Archaeomagnetism, Environmental Magnetism) and geophysical methods for studying archaeological sites and artifacts. The lab also undertakes micromorphology and geochemical analysis (pXRF, XRD, SEM, Raman, Synchrotron studies). Access to our facilities is facilitated through the Dept's Archaeology Research Partnerships initiative.

I direct two major research projects in South Africa:

1) The Drimolen Cave Palaeoanthropology & Geoarchaeology Field School that is looking at the transition from Australopithecus to early Homo and Paranthropus (funded by the Australian Research Council)
2) Amanzi Springs Archaeology Project (ASAP) that is looking at the transition from the Acheulian to the Middle Stone Age at the spring site of Amanzi Springs (Funded by National Geographic)

I am most well known for working on the chronology of the South Africa hominin and Palaeolithic record. I have worked at a very large number of South African sites including Amanzi Springs, Bolt's Farm, Buffalo Cave, Cave of Hearths, Coopers, Cornelia, Drimolen, Elandsfontein, Gondolin, Haasgat, Hoogland, Kromdraai, Langebaanweg, Makapansgat Limeworks, Malapa, Pinnacle Point, Rising Star, Rose Cottage Cave, Sibudu, Sterkfontein, Taung. I am also part of active projects at Kilombe in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Oman and China.


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