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Professor Andy Herries Head of Department, Archaeology&History, Archaeology

I am a Professor of Archaeology, Director of The Australian Archaeomagnetism Laboratory (TAAL) and currently Head of Dept. of Archaeology and History.

I undertook my BSc in Archaeological Science (Honours in Australian Stone Tools), MSc in Geoarchaeology (karst geology and cave stratigraphy), and PhD in Geochronology-Palaeoanthropology-Archaeological Geophysics (Palaeomagnetismand Magnetostratigraphy) at the Dept Archaeology and Geomagnetism Laboratory of the University of Liverpool (UK). Since that time I have worked at the Geophysical Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and the Anatomy Dept. at UNSW. I hold an honorary position at the Centre for Anthropological Research at the University of Johannesburg.

I am most well known for working on the chronology of the South Africa hominin and Palaeolithic record, although I have worked on sites in Kenya, Ethiopia, Australia, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, and China. I currently lead excavations and run field schools at the ARC Funded Drimolen early hominin palaeocave and the Amanzi Springs Acheulian to Middle Stone Age site in South Africa. I have worked at a very large number of South African sites including Haasgat, Hoogland, Cooper's D, Bolt's Farm, Malapa, Rising Star, Elandsfontein), Taung, Cornelia, Makpansgat, Sterkfontein, Rose Cottage Cave, Sibudu, Langebaanweg. I am also part of active projects at Kilombe in Kenya and in Saudi Arabia and Oman.


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