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Professor Andy Herries Professor, Archaeology

I am a Palaeoanthropologist and Geoarchaeologist who is the Head of Archaeology and Director of The Australian Archaeomagnetism Laboratory, part of the Archaeology's Palaeoscience Labs. I was an Australian Research Council Fellow (Australian Research Fellow and Future Fellow) between 2008 and 2016 and the founder of the Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area in 2012. I was the Head of the Department of Archaeology and History between 2018 and 2020.

I am a field palaeoanthropologist who studies Human Origins with a focus on the geochronology and context (geoarchaeology) of the hominin fossil and archaeological record. I am best known for my work in South Africa where I have helped provide the dates for most of the hominin fossil sites. I also lead excavations and a field school at Drimolen Cave where my team discovered the oldest evidence for Homo erectus, and the most complete adult male specimen of an early part of the Paranthropus robustus lineage. I also direct excavations at the the Acheulian to Middle Stone Age site of Amanzi Springs in South Africa. I have published over 100 academic papers including 7 papers in Nature/Science. I teach the palaeoanthropology stream of the Bachelor of Archaeology starting with the first year subject ARC1THJ (The Human Journey) and the 3rd year subject ARC3DDO (Osteoarchaeology & Human Origins).

The Australian Archaeomagnetism Laboratory promotes the use of magnetic (palaeomagnetism, Archaeomagnetism, Environmental Magnetism) and geophysical methods for studying archaeological sites and artifacts. The lab also undertakes micromorphology and geochemical analysis (pXRF, XRD, SEM, Raman, Synchrotron studies). Access to our facilities is facilitated through Archaeology Research Partnerships initiative, a research consultancy initiative I set up in 2018.

I direct two major ARC funded research projects in South Africa in collaboration with the Palaeo-Research Institute of the University of Johannesburg, where I am a senior research fellow:

1) The Drimolen Cave Palaeoanthropology & Geoarchaeology Field School that is looking at the transition from Australopithecus to early Homo and Paranthropus (funded by the Australian Research Council; 2017-2021)
2) Amanzi Springs Archaeology Project (ASAP) that is looking at the transition from the Acheulian to the Middle Stone Age at the spring site of Amanzi Springs (Funded by National Geographic and the Australian Research Council; 2017-2024)


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