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Associate Professor Andrea Carson Head of Dept, Politics, Media and Philos, Politics

Andrea Carson is Associate Professor in the Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy at La Trobe University. She is a political scientist and a trained journalist. Her latest book is 'Investigative Journalism, Democracy and the Digital Age', Routledge: New York.

Her research examines the intersection between politics and the media - with special interests in investigative journalism, the media's role in democracies and political communication. She has published numerous journal articles on journalism, Australian politics, party representation and voter behaviour, election campaigns and about fake news and media trust. Andrea is co-editor of 'Australian Politics in the Twenty-First Century: Old Institutions, New Challenges' published by Cambridge University Press, 2018.

She holds a PhD in Political Science and an MA in International Politics from The University of Melbourne. She has taught courses on political communication, news media and politics and campaigns and elections at The University of Melbourne. She began her journalism career in print (The Age), and later trained in online, radio (ABC Melbourne, RRR) and TV (producer 7.30).
Read more: https://www.andreacarsonphd.com/


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