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Dr Amy Pennay Senior Research Fellow - CAPR, Ctr Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR)

Amy is a Senior Research Fellow at CAPR, La Trobe University. Amy has a BA in Criminology and a PhD in Health Sciences. Her PhD explored the social, cultural and economic contexts of alcohol and 'party drug' use among young people patronising the night-time economy. In 2013 she was awarded a four year early career fellowship from the NHMRC to explore risky drinking practices among young people. In 2018 she was awarded a three year fellowship from the ARC to explore light and moderate drinking practices among young people.

Amy has worked in alcohol and drug research for more than 15 years across a diverse range of methodologies including both qualitative and quantitative studies. She has a keen interest in research methodology, with her PhD utilising an ethnographic, naturalistic study design. Her recent work at CAPR has included studies on the use and effects of alcohol combined with stimulants (including energy drinks) among young adults, alcohol practices among same-sex attracted women and studies of drinking cultures.


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