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Dr Anthony Gendall HOD, Animal, Plant & Soil Sciences, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

Tony Gendall obtained his B.Sc. with Honours in Biochemistry from the University of Western Australia in 1991, before completing a PhD at the University of Melbourne and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. Following post-doctoral work in the United Kingdom at The John Innes Centre, he was appointed as a Lecturer in Botany at La Trobe University in 2002, Senior Lecturer in 2009, and Head of Department in 2015. Tony Gendall's lab uses genetic and molecular approaches to study aspects of plant development and physiology.

Our current work is aimed at understanding two important aspects of plant development - flowering time and response to abiotic stresses. We are particularly interested in using the natural variation present between different varieties (or accessions) of a species to identify genes that regulate particular characteristics. These methods initially use genetic approaches (mapping of segregating traits) to determine how many genes are responsible for a particular trait, and molecular techniques to eventually clone the genes.


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