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Dr Amanda Richdale Principal Research Fellow, Autism Research Centre

Associate Professor Amanda Richdale is a founding staff member at the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC). Amanda began as an autism researcher when she commenced her PhD in 1987. After completing her PhD at LaTrobe University, she joined the Dept of Psychology & Intellectual Disability Studies at RMIT University in 1993. She remained at RMIT till returning to La Trobe University and taking up her position at OTARC. Amanda's research interests include autism spectrum disorder, disorders of development, and sleep. Amanda is a project leader in the Autism Cooperative Research Centre; La Trobe University is an Autism CRC essential partner.
Amanda has been strongly involved in the autism community; she was Chair of the former Autism Victoria Professional Panel and was co-founder of the Autism Victoria (now AMAZE) Autism Spectrum Disorder Reseach Group (2003) and the Australasian Autism Research Alliance (2005). She was a member of the group of researchers who founded the Australasian Research Collaboration (2009), and of the founding (interim) committee of the Australasian Society for Autism Research (2011). Amanda is currently a committee member of the APS Interest Group Psychology of Intellectual Disability and Autism. She is also a registered psychologist and Fellow of the APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists.


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