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Associate Professor Adam Semciw Associate Professor (Northern Health), Off Allied Hlth,Human Svc&Sport

Dr Adam Semciw is a Physiotherapist and Associate Professor at La Trobe University and Northern Health. His research interests include musculoskeletal conditions, osteoarthritis and orthopaedics, with a particular focus on the lower limb. He uses innovative techniques (e.g. electromyography and MR imaging) to examine the response of lower limb muscles to assessment and intervention, as well as their relationship to symptoms and quality of life. Dr Semciw is the highest-ranked researcher in Australia (2nd in the world) for his research on the gluteal muscles (Expertscape, Jan 2020). He enjoys working collaboratively with researchers and clinicians. If you are interested in joining his research team (e.g. PhD studies, research assistant), please contact a.semciw@latrobe.edu.au


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