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Dr Adam Semciw Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy

Dr Adam Semciw is a Physiotherapist, Senior Lecturer and Graduate Research Coordinator at La Trobe University. Dr Semciw graduated as a physiotherapist with first class Honours in 2001 from the University of Sydney, and completed his PhD at La Trobe University (conferred 2014). In 2017 he was awarded a Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology (The University of Queensland).

Dr Semciw is world renowned for his understanding of hip and lower limb muscle function across a range of clinical conditions. This understanding has led to the development of hip and lower limb rehabilitation protocols for debilitating conditions such as lateral hip pain and hip osteoarthritis, that are currently being rigorously tested in clinical trials by he and his colleagues. Dr Semciw is ranked number 8 in the world and 2nd in Australia for research on ‘buttocks’ (Expertscape, May 2018); 7th in Australia for research on the “hip joint” (Expertscape, June, 2018) and is ranked in the top 1% of researchers who have published in the field of “hip muscle function” (Web of Science, June 2018).

Dr Semciw enjoys working collaboratively with researchers and clinicians. If you are interested in joining his research team (e.g. PhD studies, Research Assistant), please contact a.semciw@latrobe.edu.au


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