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Dr Andrea Waling Research Fellow, Aust Res Ctr Sex Hlth&Soc

Dr Andrea Waling is an interdisciplinary researcher and lecturer specialising in qualitative research methods, LGBTI issues, men and masculinity studies, raunch culture and sexualisation, and studies in gender and sexuality, and has a keen interest in research that supports marginalised communities. She completed her PhD in Sociology in 2015 at Monash University, and is currently working across a number of research projects. Her PhD thesis is currently being adapted into a book entitled White Masculinity in Contemporary Australia: The Good Ol’ Aussie Bloke for publication in 2019 with Routledge Press.

Dr Waling is a voted member of the Board of Directors for the American Men's Studies Association. Her paper co-authored with Dr James Roffee published in Safer Communities received the 'Outstanding Paper in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence' and she is recognised as a 'Rising Scholar in the Field of Sexuality' by The Society for Sexuality Studies. Her research with Dr James Roffee was recently nominated for an award by GLOBE Community in 2017 in the 'Protecting our Community' category. She is the current Book Reviews Editor for the the Journal of Bodies, Sexualities, and Masculinities.

She has published across disciplines of sociology, gender studies, criminology and public health journals, and has been featured in the media nationally and internationally, including Australia's SBS, ABC Radio (Darwin, Melbourne, Adelaide, Triple J), Canada's Global News Calgary, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, and France's Neon Magazine among other press outlets.

Principal Investigator
►Understanding LGBTI Lives in Crisis, 2018, funded by Lifeline Australia
►The ‘Dick Pic’: Exploring Men’s Motivations for Sending Unsolicited Explicit Photos to Women, 2016, funded by School of Psychology & Public Health, La Trobe University
►The Building Healthy Men Needs Assessment, 2014, funded by School of Social Sciences, Monash University
►The Aussie Bloke: Investigations of Local and Global Mythmaking and the Contemporary Australian Male, 2011-2015, funded by Monash University

►Body Image, Mental Health and Young Men’s Engagement with Online Dating, funded by RFA Building Healthy Communities, La Trobe University, Lead CI A/Prof Adam Bourne
►LGBTIQ Experiences of Inner-Community Violence, (with Dr James Roffee, Swinburne University); 2016-2017, funded by the Faculty of Arts, Monash University
►Victimisation of LGBTIQ Youth in University Settings (with Dr James Roffee, Swinburne University), funded by School of Social Sciences, Monash University

Research Fellow
►6th National Survey of Secondary Student and Adolescent Sexual
Health, Department of Health and Ageing, Commonwealth of Australia, Lead CI: Prof Jayne Lucke
2017-2018, ARC Linkage, Lead CI A/Prof Anthony Lyons
►Rainbow Ageing: Reducing Health Disparities for Older LGBTI Australians, 2017-2018, ARC Linkage, Lead CI A/Prof Anthony Lyons
►Muscling Up: Australian Men, Sexualisation and Body Image Enhancement, 2015-2017, ARC Discovery, Lead CI Prof Gary Dowsett
►Moving On: Mental Health, Resilience and Sexual Recovery among Gay Men Living with Prostate Cancer, 2012-2015, beyondblue & movember foundation, Lead CI Prof Gary Dowsett

Upcoming talks
►Waling, A [presenter]; Duncan, D., Angelides, S., & Dowsett, G. (Forthcoming 2018). 'Enacting feminist sexualities in a "postfeminist" world: Women’s experiences of attraction to men’s bodies.' TASA: Precarity, Rights & Resistance. Deakin University, Melbourne, AU. November 19-22.
►Waling, A. (Forthcoming 2018). 'Queering the Dick Pic.' Queer Legacies, New Solidarities. Deakin University and State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, AU. November 22-24.
►Lucke, J [presenter]., Fisher, C., Mikołajczak, G., Waling, A., Kerr, L., Ezer, P., Bellamy, R. (Forthcoming 2018). 'Australian adolescent sexual behaviour over the last 25 years.' Youth Health Conference. Surfers Paradise Marriot Resort & Spa, Gold Coast Queensland. November 7-9.


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