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Associate Professor Buly Cardak Associate Professor Economics, Economics

Buly is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance in the La Trobe Business School – he has been at La Trobe Economics since 2001. His research interests relate to development and application of theoretical and empirical economic models of individual and household decision making. These models have been applied to a range of finance, investment and social policy issues, but it is his work on the economics of education that has the widest readership and impact. Some of Buly’s important contributions range from the empirical modelling of issues like higher education participation and outcomes and differences between public and private schools, to theoretical modelling of education decisions at the household level and how these decisions and policies affect welfare, income distribution, growth and political decisions through social choice.

Past Experience

He previously held a post-doctoral position at the Department of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prior to that, he was lecturer in the School of Economics, Deakin University. His PhD was completed in 1999 at the University of Melbourne.


Buly has published this research in a range of high quality journals including European Economic Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Economic Record, Economica, Economics of Education Review, Labour Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics and Oxford Economic Papers.


Buly has been awarded external funding totalling more than $800,000 to undertake various research projects. Between 2016-2017, he was part of teams awarded $39,500 for a project entitled “Equity at and beyond the boundary of Australian universities”, $76,000 for a project entitled "Transition costs: Improving young people's career choices and post-school pathways", and $39,000 for the project “Factors influencing participation and migration of regional higher education students” which led to the influential report “Regional Student Participation and Migration: Empirical analysis of factors influencing regional student participation and internal migration in higher education” published in 2017 by the NCSEHE. He has held major grants from the HEPP priority pool and ARC discovery scheme.

Research Leadership

In 2016, together with Peter Sivey (now at RMIT University), Buly ran the La Trobe Business School Choice Modelling Workshop. The workshop brought together international experts in the field of choice modelling from a wide range of disciplines including Economics, Health and Marketing. (see here for details)

Service at La Trobe

Buly is an elected member of La Trobe’s Academic Board (2015-2016, 2018-present). He is a member of La Trobe’s Transforming Human Society interdisciplinary research focus area and was a member of the executive committee of this RFA (2014-2016).

External Service to the Profession

Outside La Trobe, Buly is a member of the Victorian Council of the Economic Society of Australia and curates the ESA National Economic Panel with Tom Chan (VCEC). This is a monthly poll of 50 academic economists on hot economic, social and political questions of the day (see here for more information).

Buly is also a member of the Advisory Board for the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) based at Curtin University, Perth (see here for more information).


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