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Dr Bonnie Giles Lets CHAT Dementia Research Officer, Rural Ageing Research-JRC

Dr Bonnie Giles is a researcher at the John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research. She is primarily working in collaboration with Melbourne University on the Let's CHAT Dementia Program. This project aims to improve the detection and management of cognitive impairment and dementia in Indigenous communities, predominantly through Aboriginal primary health services.

Bonnie also has an interest in brain development and child protection. She completed her PhD in this field using a combination of systematic reviews of the existing literature combined with critical discourse analysis. Her thesis examined whether existing neuroscientific research evidence supports the idea that chronic childhood maltreatment has a physiological impact on the developing brain, thereby placing individuals at greater risk of engaging in recidivistic offending in adulthood.

Bonnie is also involved with the 'Evaluation of the Integrated area-based Health Systems for children and young people in Out of Home Care in the Mallee'.