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Dr Brigid Maher Senior Lecturer, Italian

Brigid Maher joined Italian Studies at La Trobe at the start of 2010; she previously taught at Monash University and the Australian National University. For her PhD in Translation Studies (Monash) she investigated the translation of humour, irony, satire, parody and the grotesque in Italian and English literature.

In addition to continuing her work on humour and its translation, she is currently undertaking research related to Italian contemporary literature, transnational literature, the circulation and translation of crime fiction, and the role of translation in language teaching. Brigid is Associate Editor of the Routledge journal, Translation Studies, for which she was previously Book Reviews Editor. From mid 2013 to mid 2016 she was Editor of the peer-reviewed journal of literary translation, The AALITRA Review.

Brigid is also a literary translator. Her translations into English of novels by Milena Agus and by Nicola Lagioia have been published in Australia, the UK and Italy. Her translation of Salvatore Striano's prison memoir La tempesta di Sasa (Set Me Free) has been published by Text. Through her translation work and her research activity she seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field of translation studies. She has twice been invited to lead the Italian workshop group at the Monash University Literary Translation Winter School, working with novelists Laila Wadia (in 2012) and Carlo Lucarelli (in 2013).

Brigid is an occasional contributor to the ACIS blog on Italian Studies and has been interviewed a number of times on SBS Italian radio. In an interview for the segment 'Bilingui in erba', she speaks (in Italian) about how she learned the language as a small child while in another interview, for the segment 'Parlaci di lei', she speaks about the life and legacy of renowned English food writer and Italophile Elizabeth David.

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