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Bijaya Pokharel Graduate Researcher, Judith Lumley Centre

Bijaya is a Ph.D. scholar at the Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University, Australia. Her supervisors are Prof Angela Taft, Dr. Ann Wilson, and Dr. Jane Yelland. She received a La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (LTUPRS) and a La Trobe University Full-Fee Research Scholarship - 2019 for her P.hd. She is a registered nurse, registered with the Nepal Nursing Council and has worked as a community health nurse in Nepal. She has received intensive training and has a wide range of research experience in qualitative methods. Currently, in her first year, her Ph.D. aims to explore cultural competency in the primary caring context of domestic violence. This study is a part of the HARMONY project led by Prof. Angela Taft.


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