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Beth Radulski Graduate Researcher, Sociology

Beth Radulski is the first openly Autistic Autism researcher at La Trobe University. Drawing upon her academic background in sociology, her current role sits within the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Students, where her work as Project Officer: Neurodiversity centres around implementing accessible and inclusive practices for Neurodiverse staff and students. Beth is also undertaking a PhD in joint partnership with La Trobe University's Department of Social Inquiry, and the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre. Her interdisciplinary approach explores Autism activism within the Neurodiversity movement, and examines how these campaigns reflect and challenge the socioeconomic marginalisation of Autistic people. In particular, Elizabeth is interested in socio-historically contextualising the prevalence of Autistic ‘masking’, and questioning whether it can be understood as a form of assimilation and social oppression. The overall aim of her research is to facilitate social, educational, and employment accessibility for Autistic people, by problematising and reducing the expectation of masking in these environments. Elizabeth has been involved with undergraduate teaching at La Trobe University since 2017.


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