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Dr Ben Wilkie Honorary Associate, Office of the ProvostASSC

Dr Ben Wilkie is an Honorary Associate in La Trobe University's College of Arts, Social Science and Commerce. He is a historian with broad expertise in British and Australian imperial and colonial history, Australian business history, and Australian environmental histories. In imperial and colonial history, Ben's research has focused on Scotland and the British Empire, with a particular emphasis on Australia. His first book was The Scots in Australia, 1788-1938 (Boydell Press 2017). He is currently working with colleagues to research the corporate elite in twentieth century Australia, the nature and impact of interlocking directorates in large Australian firms, and the history of multinational enterprises in Australia over the last one-hundred years. A local of the Western District of Victoria, Ben has also been active in environmental history, and his most recent major publication is Gariwerd: An Environmental History of the Grampians (CSIRO Publishing 2020). He is currently researching the history of the Newer Volcanics Province of south-east Australia.


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