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Dr Catherine Brasier Research Officer, Social Work & Social Policy

Dr Catherine Brasier is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Social Work and Social Policy) who draws on her lived experience of mental illness and recovery. She completed her PhD (competitive scholarship $90,000) in 2020, Bachelor of Social Work with honours (2014), Bachelor of Arts (2003) and is a qualified drug and alcohol counsellor (2008). She worked as a community mental health worker from 2007 to 2014 specialising in complex care and residential support. Catherine is an outspoken advocate for the increased participation of consumers in research and service development. She has been invited to complete work for the University of Melbourne, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, Department of Health and Human Services, NorthWestern Mental Health, Melbourne Health, Australian Social Workers Association, Victorian Interprofessional Leadership Network. This year she concluded her role as Consumer Academic (2019-20) in the Recovery and Social Justice Unit, Centre for Mental Health at the University of Melbourne. Catherine remains closely connected to industry and provides peer supervision and research/academic consulting to organisations. Catherine recently completed a consulting project for Barwon Health which sought to develop a peer support program for individuals who experience personality type/complex trauma for Barwon Health, as well as an evaluation plan. Catherine has expertise in the design and completion of evaluations, including her PhD project in which she recruited 173 stroke survivors and carers to evaluate a psychosocial intervention to improve wellbeing. Catherine has demonstrated that she can complete compelling pieces of social research using her unique combination of perspectives - lived experience, industry practice and research.


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