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Dr Corinne Celestina Research Officer, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

Dr Celestina is a research agronomist in the Crop Agronomy Group. She is currently working with a multidisciplinary team on the GRDC National Phenology Initiative, which aims to improve the accuracy of wheat and barley flowering time predictions to allow growers to make better decisions around cultivar selection and time of sowing.

Corinne completed her PhD at La Trobe in 2018. Her work on attributing crop yield responses to organic soil amendments has informed grower practice and changed the way researchers conduct experiments. Her critical review on the topic, published in Soil & Tillage Research, was recognised with the Soil Science Australia 2019 Field Publication Medal.

Prior to this she worked at Southern Farming Systems in the Victorian high rainfall zone, where she carried out research and extension on a range of topics including cultivar evaluation, crop and pasture sequencing, integrated weed management, soil carbon, crop nutrition and subsoil manuring.


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