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Dr Charlotte Frew Research Officer, Law Melbourne

Dr Charlotte Frew is a Research Officer at La Trobe University Law School. She has previously been employed as a researcher in several university law schools including UNSW Sydney, Macquarie University Sydney, the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the Australian Catholic University Melbourne. She has also worked in the public sector as a Research Officer at Parliament of Victoria and for the Family Law Council. In 2012 she completed her doctorate on the legal and social construction marriage and kinship in nineteenth century Australia. In 2013 she was made an Honorary Fellow of Australian Catholic University for three years. Her research interests include family law, health law, legal history, disability and discrimination, religion and the law. She has published chapters in edited collections and in socio-legal and legal history journals including the Australian Journal of Family Law, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Law and Literature, Law in Context, and Journal of Law and Medicine. Her current research focus is the legal regulation of assisted reproduction and donor linking. She is currently working on an Australian Research Council funded Discovery Project, Families of Strangers? The Socio-legal Implications of Donor Linking. The project explores the impact of donor linking – the process whereby donor-conceived people, donors and recipient parents access each other’s identity – on individual and familial identities and relationships. Charlotte is a member of the Centre for Health, Law and Society at Latrobe University.