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Dr Claudia Haake Principal Research Fellow, History

Claudia Haake joined the History program in second semester 2007, after having been a lecturer at the University of York (UK). She also taught at the University of Bielefeld (Germany) and the University of Cologne (Germany). Claudia's primary research interest is Native American History from the 19th century onward. She is especially interested in North American Natives from Mexico and the US. Her major areas of interest in Native American Studies are ethnicity, identity and culture. Her work for her first book has focused on identity issues in a transnational comparative framework, investigating the cases of the Mexican Yaquis and the United States Delawares. She has compared state policies towards indigenous peoples in Mexico and the US. She also maintains an interest in minorities in the United States, rights, especially land and treaty rights, as well as in the history of 20th century Guatemala.

Claudia is a recent recipient of both a Faculty and University citation for oustanding contribution to student learning and of several teaching and learning grants at both the University of York and La Trobe, as well as of research fellowships and grants from four different countries.


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