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Colleen McCarthy Lecturer, Dentistry

The past thirteen years Colleen has lectured in the Bachelor of Oral Health Science and Bachelor of Health Science Dentistry programs at La Trobe Bendigo with particular capability in simulation skill building for the development of practical skills, student supervision in the clinical setting and oral health promotion project development and implementation in the undergraduate dentistry and oral health programs.In addition, Colleen manages the oral health promotion stream of the Bachelor of Oral Health Science course which involves student placement in a range of community, health and child-orientated settings. She has developed many key and local partnerships that have resulted a significant contribution to improving oral health literacy in the region.

Colleen came to LaTrobe with knowledge and skill in training and education, particularly in the dental, health & curriculum development field with additional roles in professional development programs and workforce planning consulting. Prior to moving to LaTrobe Bendigo Colleen worked in Melbourne and Singapore developing and training the dental auxiliaries in particular developing the dental assistants training programs at RMIT and the National Dental Centre Singapore.

Most recently Colleen has completed the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education with a keen interest in assessment, particularly practical assessment clinical and OSCE. Colleen's current areas of research interest are: prevention of dental disease, common risk factors affecting general and dental health (diabetes and oral health, smoking), child dental health and building positive relationships between patients and dental professionals.


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