Professor Christopher Corns Adjunct Professor, Law School Operations

Chris joined La Trobe University School of Legal Studies in 1981 and has been teaching law at La Trobe university since the creation of the Law School in 1994 and assisted with the design of a number of law subjects. He has practised at the Victorian Bar as a criminal barrister on a part time and full time basis from 1994 until 2001.

His specialist areas of teaching and research are criminal justice, criminal procedure, advocacy, and evidence. Chris has published over 40 articles on law related topics. Chris is the co-author (with Dr Steven Tudor) of Criminal Investigation and Procedure: The Law in Victoria published in June 2009 by Law Book Co-Thomson Reuters (and now 2nd edition 2014), and has published over forty articles on law related matters and has been the editor of special editions of the journal Law in Context on several occasions. Chris was appointed Associate Professor in 2010.

Chris is the author of a new text "Public Prosecutiuns in Australia: Law Policy and Practice" 2014 (Thomson Reuters). This is the first book to examine public prosecutions from a national perspective as well as providing detailed coverage of the prosecution system in each jurisdiction.

Chris is the co-author of a major text "Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria" published by Thomson Reuters in 2016. The co-authors are Susan Borg and Adrian Castle, both of the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions.

In 2010 Chris won the Deans Teaching Award for outstanding teaching, along with his colleague Associate Professor John Willis, for the creation and teaching of "Communication and Advocacy Skills".

Chris has also been a consultant to the federal office of public prosecutions, a researcher for the County Court of Victoria, and a member of the Victorian government Committee on victms of crime.


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