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Dr David Greening Research Fellow, Biochemistry

Cells release membrane enclosed nano-sized vesicles termed extracellular vesicles (EVs) that function as mediators of intercellular communication by transferring biological information between cells. EVs have emerged as important mediators in cell communication mainly through transfer of their bioactive content which can include oncoproteins, oncogenes, chemokine receptors, as well as soluble factors, transcripts of proteins and miRNAs involved in angiogenesis or inflammation. We provide insight about different EVs, their definitive markers and cargo content in reproductive physiological processes, and their capacity to convey information between cells through the transfer of functional protein and genetic information to alter phenotype and function of recipient cells associated with cancer and reproductive biology.

The focus of our research is to enlist a multi-disciplinary systems biology approach directed towards understanding the biology and function of EVs and secreted molecules. We utilize an integrated proteomic/genomic strategy directed towards understanding the role of the extracellular environment in cancer biology and embryo-maternal cross talk.


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