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Associate Professor David Wishart Associate Professor, Law Melbourne

After a brief stint in practice, David completed a Masters by thesis from Melbourne University. During his candidature, he was a tutor in the Legal Studies Department of that institution. He then became a law lecturer in the Department of Accounting at Monash University. In 1986 he joined the Faculty of Law at Universiti Malaya, from whence he moved to the Faculty of Law at the University of Canterbury. During this time he wrote a number of articles on consitutional law and company law in both jurisdictions, including his book, Company Law in Context (OUP, 1994) in relation to New Zealand company law. He became interested in matters to do with indigenous peoples. In 1993 he joined the then School of Law and Legal Studies (now Law School) at La Trobe University. He has published extensively in corporations law, and to a lesser extent in consitutional law, and law and indigenous peoples. Recently he has entered on a project considering the issues surrounding digital evidence and has been deeply involved in considering competition policy and law from various theoretical perspectives. His most recent book, Corporations Law Guidebook (OUP, 2008) is a study in theory as well as an innovative perspective on learning corporations law. His successful PhD thesis, 'Australia's National Competition Policy 1995-2005' was completed in 2014.


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