David Cann Graduate Researcher, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

David Cann is a PhD student in the Crop Agronomy Group at La Trobe. He spent 2018 breeding a series of winter wheat varieties designed to help farmers in low-rainfall southern Australia adapt to anthropogenic climate change. His second year, however, has resembled something out of Australian Idol, as he embarks on the search to find the ideal winter wheat candidate, ruthlessly culling lines that just don’t have what it takes to make it on the big stage. He can often be found pacing through the glasshouses at the AgriBio Centre, giving pep talks to his favourite plants and muttering about biomass partitioning. Passionate about evidence-based food choices, climate change adaptation and global food security, David enjoys communicating his research with other academics, agronomists, farmers, and random people he makes eye contact with on the tram.


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