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Professor David Tacey Emeritus Professor, English

David Tacey is a public intellectual and a recognised international authority on psychoanalysis and spirituality. He has published several bestselling books on mental health, spirituality and gender. Many of his books and articles are with international publishers and he often writes by invitation from editors and publishers. He is an interdisciplinary scholar who works across several fields, including literary studies, psychoanalytic studies and religious studies.

He studied literature, philosophy and art history in his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree at Flinders University, and his PhD at Adelaide University spanned literature and psychoanalysis. After winning the Bentham Prize at Adelaide he was one of four Australians to be awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by the Harkness Foundation, New York. He worked under the supervision of James Hillman in psychology (Dallas Institute of Humanities) and Thomas Moore in religious studies (Southern Methodist University).

David Tacey was born in Melbourne and his family later moved to Alice Springs, central Australia. He spent his adolescence and early adulthood living alongside Aboriginal cultures. This was the impetus for his lifelong interest in Aboriginal religions and the spiritual relationship between land, nature and human consciousness. He has maintained a commitment to public intellectual activity in the areas of religious education, indigenous health, men's issues and environmental issues. He has published 14 books, 70 essays in refereed journals, and 45 chapters in edited volumes. Writing in the public domain, he has published 50 articles in non-refereed journals and magazines. He regularly contributes reviews and opinions to newspapers and online media outlets. His writings have been translated into several languages including Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and French.


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