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Diana Guzys Graduate Researcher, Graduate Research School

Diana undertook her original nursing education at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. She then explored a range of nursing roles including paediatric, adult and peri- operative positions, before becoming a midwife and working in neonatal intensive care, in metropolitan Melbourne. After relocating to a rural environment and taking up a community health nursing role, Diana embraced a change in her professional practice and career direction. Health education and health promotion were the mainstay of her practice for over two decades, first as a generalist community health nurse and later as a Secondary School Nurse. Whilst in these roles Diana undertook further education in public health, education, and adolescent health and welfare. Her passion for education eventually led her to undergraduate nurse education and the position she now has as a lecturer in Nursing. Since commencing her role at the university Diana has completed a Masters of Nursing, and is currently a PhD candidate. Diana's research reflects her passion for optimising professional practice and community health. She has co- written and edited an undergraduate text book, An Introduction to Community and Primary Health Care, as part of her commitment to the ongoing education of health care professionals. Her current research focus demonstrates a return to seeking ways to improve and optimise the health of rural communities.


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