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Dianna Lepore Graduate Researcher, Public Health

Dianna Lepore is employed at La Trobe University as an Academic (sessional) with her role involving lecturing and teaching within various subjects surrounding the areas of social psychology, culture and health. Dianna is currently undertaking a PhD in Public Health at La Trobe University with her research exploring the experiences of acculturation on elite football players moving clubs in Melbourne. In 2015 Dianna completed a Public Health Honours degree conducting research on the influence of culture for young adult Greek Australian females in relation to their physical activity participation. In 2016 Dianna presented her findings from this study at the Sixth International Conference for Sport and Soceity in Hawaii. It was through undertaking this research where Dianna's interests for physical activity, culture, health and wellbeing began to emerge and develop into a passion.


education and training

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, .
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences with Honours, .
  • PHD candidate, .