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Dr Dianne Lowe Research Officer, Ctr Health Comm & Part

Dianne is a Research Officer and Technical Editor for the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Group. The role of the Group is to coordinate the production and publication of systematic reviews of the evidence around interventions that affect the way consumers interact with each other, with health care professionals, health services, or health researchers. As the Technical Editor for the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Group, Dianne is responsible for checking the quality of these reviews and assists in preparing methodological resources. Dianne is also leading a Cochrane review about the effects of consumers and health providers working in partnership as an intervention for the promotion of person-centred health services.

Dianne's PhD research focused on the prevalence, health burden and medicines-related communication experiences of multi-morbidity among the working-age population with musculoskeletal conditions. She was awarded the Alice O’Brien PhD Scholarship through Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria from 2012 to 2015.


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