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Dr Donna Whelan Research Fellow, Pharmacy and Applied Science

Dr Donna Whelan is a Bruce Stone Fellow in Chemical Biology based in
Bendigo as a part of the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science. She is
currently building a new, next-generation single molecule microscope, and
exploring DNA damage and repair pathways. Her collaborations include
research into the underlying mechanisms of host-virus interactions,
neurodegeneration, and proteolysis.

Prior to starting her own lab in Bendigo, Donna completed her PhD at
Monash University, developing advanced microscopic and spectroscopic
techniques for applications in biophysical research. During her PhD she
constructed cutting-edge single molecule super-resolution microscopes
and made extensive use of the Australian Synchrotron. Following this, she
completed a postdoctoral fellowship in New York University’s School of
Medicine under the supervision of Dr Eli Rothenberg, focusing on applying
super resolution imaging to map the cellular repair pathway of DNA double
strand breaks.


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