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Dr Damien Zanker Honorary Research Fellow, Office of Molecular Sci

Damien Zanker completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne in 2003 including a double major in Immunology and Physiology. In 2004, Damien completed an Honours degree in Physiology studying therapeutic treatments of Retinopathy of Prematurity, a disease that causes vision loss following premature birth. In 2005, he began research at the Ludwig institute for Cancer Research at the Austin hospital before undertaking a PhD through the University of Melbourne in 2008. His studies involved assessing the contribution of individual subunits of the specialised immunoproteasome to generating peptides for immune responses as well as identifying novel non-immune roles for this highly specialised type of proteasome. Following completion of his PhD in 2012, he began research at La Trobe University in the laboratory of Professor Weisan Chen investigating methods to enhance anti-influenza immunity using CD8+ T cells. In 2017, Dr Zanker joined Dr Belinda Parker's laboratory investigating therapeutics which enhance CD8+ T cell immunity to triple negative breast cancer.


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