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Esin Ozdil Lecturer in Accounting, Accounting & Data Analytics

Dr Esin Ozdil is a Lecturer in Accounting at the Department of Accounting and Data Analytics of La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University since July 2016. Esin holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in Accounting) and Bachelor of Accounting with First-Class Honours. She has received several academic awards including, the Dean's Commendation and Medal for undergraduate studies and BAcc Honours for the Department of Accounting. She was awarded the David Myers Scholarship for her PhD candidature from 2013-2016, which is offered to the highest University-ranked applicants for a postgraduate research scholarship in each College.

Esin completed her PhD thesis titled 'Strategising and Accounting at an Australian University: Practice, Narrative and Performative Perspectives' in 2017. Esin's interdisciplinary research areas focus on public sector accounting, not-for-profit accounting, strategic management, organisational change, change management, management accounting, accountability, performance management, and ethical qualitative accounting. She has published in peer-reviewed high-quality journals and books.

Esin has extensive teaching experience across different accounting subjects, including cost accounting, management accounting, public sector accounting and auditing subjects. She currently is the subject coordinator of a mid-point accounting subject, Cost Accounting & Decision Making (ACC2CAD). In 2017, Esin was awarded the Pro Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award for implementing diverse and timely formal and informal evaluation techniques that improve teaching and enhance students learning experience and engagement in different subject delivery modes.

Esin is also the president of La Trobe Golden Key chapter and is responsible for promoting the La Trobe chapter nationally and internationally to other universities, coordinating and supporting committee members, initiating, implementing and supporting several activities and events, liaising with chapter executives, advisers and leaders of the community and industry, providing community service, project management and reporting, managing and reporting financials and initiating and coordinating chapter programs and events to enhance students leadership, service and academic skills.

During her honours degree in 2012, Esin gained experience as a Project Officer in the Finance Division of La Trobe University. In her role she assisted the Vice President (Finance) / Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Projects in the management of the Project Development Group/Project Control Group Governance processes, involving liaison with key stakeholders and the monitoring of projects and programs being executed under Governance structures, and associated reporting, as well as organising and supporting committees, task-forces, working parties and other related activities within the Finance Division / Office of the Chief Financial Officer.


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