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Dr Elizabeth Smith Research Fellow LIDS, LIDS Research Centre

Elizabeth's research interests have revolved around discrimination and marginalisation of different populations over the last ten years and their relationship to mental health, well-being, access, and inclusion. Her PhD looked at the effects of stigmatising discourses about sex, gender, and sex work on women working in sex work in Victoria, Australia as well as the ways that they practised Foucault's ethics of care of the self.

In 2014 she was the lead author of a report into the mental health and well-being of gender diverse and transgender young people in Australia. This research titled From Blues to Rainbows, was funded by beyondblue and look at not only the mental health effects of discrimination, abuse, and harrasment experienced by this cohort of young people, but also protective factors such as supports, self care, and activism.

This over-aching theme of marginalisation brought Elizabeth to the Living with Disability Research Centre where she works on a randomised control trial into an education program about support decision-making. This is a four year Linkage grant held by Professor Christine Bigby in conjunction with many academics and industry partners in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales.

Other projects have covered themes such as:

CALD people's access to Hepatitis B health care
Workplace initatives to prevent violence against women
LGBTQI inclusion in sport
Respectful and ethical relationships among school-aged children

Elizabeth also has a keen interest in qualitative methods and has used a variety of innovative methods such as vignette techniques and photo elicitation (both participant-driven and researcher-driven).


selected publications