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Dr Libby Byrne Lecturer, Art Therapy

Over the past decade Libby has worked in the public health sector in Melbourne, with a particular focus in Palliative Care and also Recovery from Sexual Assault. Libby has specialized in assisting people to use art as a means of honoring and reflecting on significant life experiences as well as creating opportunities to develop meaningful and personal ritual in the experience of life and death.

Libby has a special interest in the intersection between art and theology and has also worked within ministry settings to creatively engage people with art for the nurturing of spiritual health and well-being. Libby's work as a practicing artist has been a consistent and important component of the work that she offers and she regularly exhibits in galleries around Melbourne. Her PhD Inquiry was Studio Practice-led Theological Inquiry into 'Healing Art and the Art of Healing', completed with the University of Divinity.


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