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Dr Eva Dakich Honorary Associate, Education School Operations

Eva Dakich PhD, is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Digital Learning and Teacher Education at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Eva's award-winning PhD was one of the first doctoral projects in Australia, exploring the relationship between teachers' digital literacy and pedagogical practices. The original framework of digital literacy developed in her thesis by an international Delphi panel was validated by Victorian Teachers from a sample of 350 Victorian Schools. The study reconceptualised the pedagogical and socio-cultural dimensions of teachers' skills and capacities related to the transformation of learning and teaching with digital technologies. With her international experience in digital learning, teaching, teacher education and research, she held leadership roles in Australian Universities that focused on the reconceptualization of postgraduate teacher education and higher degree research in online and digital contexts. Eva worked as a researcher on projects of national significance, such as the Smith Family's Tech-Packs Project, and the Technology Enriched Curriculum Project (TECP), a Closing the Gap initiative. She has published widely about the implications of digital technologies on learning, teaching and social participation. Her continuing research interests include digital literacies, mobile and augmented learning, digital divide, and narratives of the posthuman society. Committed to trans-disciplinary research, Eva works internationally with colleagues from a variety of scholarly disciplines. She is a member and a fellow of several international associations promoting STEM education, 21st Century learning and digital inclusion.

Grants and Research Projects

Millennials operating mobile technologies in the social media landscape (2017, La Trobe University) E. Dakich

Girls Flying Drones: Fostering 21st century skills through multidisciplinary, project-based learning in secondary schools (2015-2016, La Trobe University). E. Dakich, J. Martino, G. Mester, S. Pletl

Young people, wellbeing, schooling and social enterprise in the community (2014-2015, La Trobe University) M. Robertson, M. Brown, E. Dakich, M Burston

The Technology Enriched Curriculum Project (TECP), 2011-2013, funded by the Australian Government and the Catholic Education Office as part of the Closing the Gap initiative. N. Hooley, A.Watt, E. Dakich

Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF): Building the ICTE capacity of pre-service teachers in Australian Universities (2010- 2012, Australian Government). J. Martino, E. Dakich, A Samarji

Developing Competencies for an Interdisciplinary Masters Course in Product Life Cycle Management (a European Tempus Project, 2011).
The Smith Family's Tech Packs Project: National Evaluation (2009-2010, The Smith Family). N. Yelland, G. Neal, E. Dakich

Project Management

Eva is PRINCE 2 certified (APMG International License P2R/928897), that allows her to work towards international corporate standards in research and management.

Conference Presentations

Brown, M and Dakich, E. (2016) Developing STEM and Imagineering in Victorian secondary schools. STEM educationconference Building STEM capability in Schools Deakin University Warn Ponds.

Nguyen, H. Brown, M. Dakich, E. (2016) Connecting professional higher education to the needs of the labor market in Vietnam. AARE Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Brown, M. Dakich, E. O'Reilly-Briggs, K. (2016) STEM-orientated Imagineering: designing Irresistible Learning in Victorian secondary schools AARE Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Carroll R., Dakich, E (2011). Self-Generated Change of Practice: Informal Professional Development in Education. 3 eme Conference Internationale Education, Economie et Societe July 20-23, 2011, Paris.

Cacciattolo, M., Dakich., Dalmau, M., Davies, A., Gudjonsdottir, H., & Kelly, C. (2007) InitiatingActive Professionals: Rethinking Philosophy, Practice and Engagement in Teacher Education, AERA conference presentation, April, 2007

Dakich, E. (2006). "Mediating the frames of meaning" through mixed methods research. Mixed Methods Conference 2006, Cambridge, UK, July, 2006

Cacciatolo, M., Dakich, E., Dalmau, M., Gudjonsdottir, H., Perselli, V. (2006). Fish out of water: traversing inclusive pedagogies. AERA 2006 Conference, San Francisco, USA

Gudjonsdottir, H., Dalmau, M., Perselli, V., Cacciattolo, M., Dakich, E. (2005).Developing and teaching inclusive pedagogies in teacher education. ECER2005 Conference, Dublin, Ireland

Gudjonsdottir, H., Dalmau, M., Perselli, V., Cacciattolo, M., Dakich, E.. (2005). Developing and teaching inclusive pedagogies in teacher education:Collaborative international self-study research. AERA 2005 Conference, Montreal, Canada

Dakich, E. (2004). From ICT competencies to the social practice of ICT-rich pedagogies: Results of a Delphi study. AARE 2004, Melbourne, Australia

Cacciatolo, M., Dakich, E., Dalmau, M., Gudjonsdottir, H., Perselli, V. (2004). International research for inclusive pedagogies. AARE 2004, Melbourne Australia

Live Webcasts/Virtual Conference presentations

Dakich E., Varghese, B. Champness, M. (2012). Laying the Foundations of Collaborative Practitioner Research in Site-Based Teacher Education: An Australian Perspective. MirandaMod Unconference live Webcast at Bett 2012. London.

Carroll R., Dakich, E (2011). Evolutionary Learning. MirandaMod Unconference live Webcast at Bett 2011. London.

Keynote Addresses and Invited International Lectures

Dakich, E. (2017): Teacher Education in the Posthuman University. Australia and New Zealand Conference on Advanced Research, ANZCAR, 2017, Melbourne, May 17-18, 2017.

Dakich, E. (2015): Teacher Education Online: Preparing virtual communities of learners for real life professions.21st Multimedia in Education and 2nd ICT in Education joint International Conferences, Subotica, Serbia, May 22-23, 2015.

Dakich, E. (2015) Pedagogical models for sustainable online education Szeged University, Hungary, May 2nd, 2015.

Invited Public Lectures

Dakich, E. (2017): Rethinking Education for the Posthuman Era. The Melbourne Circle, Docklands Library, July 21st, 2017.

PhD Supervision

Eva is a registered Principal Supervisor of higher degree research, with a number of successfull doctoral completions, including interdisciplinary doctoral research.


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