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Dr Erinna Lee Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry

I was awarded my PhD from The University of Melbourne in 2007. From 2007-2015, I was a Senior Research Fellow in the Structural Biology Division at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. I am currently a laboratory head within the Department of Biochemistry and Genetics and am a visiting scientist at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute.

I am interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying cell fate decisions dictated by the processes of apoptosis and autophagy by employing biochemistry, cell biology and structural approaches, as well as mouse models. In particular, how these pathways when deregulated give rise to cancer without causing undue harm to an individual. I am also interested in identifying novel factors that enable crosstalk between these two biological processes which need to be carefully balanced to determine whether a cell lives or dies. As this crosstalk is fundamental to not only normal physiology but can significantly contribute to cancer development and treatment, identification of such factors can define new targets for treating diseases in which this crosstalk plays a critical role.


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