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Emina McLean Lecturer, Speech Pathology LTRHS

Emina is a speech-language pathologist and mental health clinician with experience working with young people and their families across education, mental health and not-for-profit sectors. She works at La Trobe Rural Health School within the discipline of speech pathology as a teaching and research academic. She is involved in conducting a range of research projects in the areas of language, literacy and learning and has particular interests in vulnerable populations, professional learning, and the teaching and speech-language pathology interface within school settings.

Emina teaches:

- speech development, disorder, assessment and intervention
- oral language development, disorder, assessment and intervention
- literacy development, difficulty, disorder, assessment, classroom approaches and intervention
- academic/higher order language skill acquisition including assessment and teaching of conversational discourse, narrative, Tier 2 vocabulary, and text types (audience, purpose, structure and linguistic features for writing)
- pragmatics and social communication development, delay, disorder, assessment and intervention

Emina has postgraduate qualifications in adolescent counselling, youth mental health (psychiatry) and public health. Emina provided research support to the National Year 1 Literacy and Numeracy Check Expert Panel, appointed by Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, former Minister for Education and Training in 2017. In 2018 Emina was one of five literacy experts appointed by the Victorian Department of Education and Training to deliver ‘Learning Difficulties including Dyslexia’, a professional development workshop series for school staff lead by Dr Tanya Serry.


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