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Professor Ellie Fossey Adjunct Professor, LIDS Research Centre

Ellie has conducted occupational therapy research and taught in occupational therapy undergraduate and postgraduate programs at La Trobe University in Melbourne since 1994, as well as in Singapore, and in previous positions with in South Australia and Coventry, England. Ellie is also an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne and Psychosocial Research Centre, co-located with Moreland Community Mental Health Service, Coburg.

Ellie's research and teaching focus on frameworks for understanding people's everyday lives and occupations the ways in which these may be impacted by health conditions and changing life circumstances and occupation focused practices. Ellie's research has predominantly attended to occupational issues faced by people whose lives are disrupted by mental health issues. She has particular interests in qualitative and collaborative approaches to research and has used a participatory approach to design. She has undertaken a number of projects in collaboration with people experiencing mental health issues and service providers in the mental health sector.


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