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Dr Emma-Louise Seal Research Fellow, Ctr Sport & Social Impact

Emma Seal is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Sport and Social Impact at La Trobe University. Emma's present research interests are in the area of sport for development, and her current projects involve work in the Asia-Pacific region with national sport organisations, including the International Cricket Council, Netball Australia and National Rugby League. Emma completed her PhD at the University of Bath, United Kingdom. Her research there focused on the negotiation of identities by elite-level female athletes competing in disability sport. This research was interdisciplinary in nature and drew on disability studies and sociology to understand the interplay of gender, 'disability', body and wider socio-cultural influences. Emma has experience with a wide-range of methodological approaches and analytical processes, including life history, narrative and discourse analysis. Emma's other research interests include the socio-cultural aspects and impacts of sport, the body and identity(ies).


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