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Dr Evelien Spelten Senior Lecturer, Public Health LTRHS

Dr. Evelien Spelten is Associate Professor with La Trobe University Rural Health School and affiliated with the Violet Vines Marshman Research Centre
As a researcher into rural health issues, she has a strong interested in connecting research and practice. She is involved in various regional research projects on a wide array of subjects, e.g.: violence against health care workers, palliative and end-of-life care, supportive cancer care and rural workforce innovations. She is principal supervisor of 7 PhD Students.
She received her PhD in Occupational Psychology in 2000. She has since worked in health care research and consultancy. The main focus of her work is on innovation in health care delivery and quality of care. As an occupational psychologist, she has been privileged to work interdisciplinary with many different health care disciplines, e.g. oncology, perinatal care, paramedicine, primary health care, and community based rural health.
She was the initiator and founding head of department of the only University department of Midwifery Sciences in the Netherlands. She was chief investigator of the 4-year multidisciplinary nationwide DELIVER study which included 10 PhD projects, and laid the foundations of Midwifery Science research in the Netherlands. Dr. Spelten was granted a 4-year fellowship from the Dutch Cancer Society in 1994, which enabled her to travel the world and establish new research collaborations within Psycho Oncology. This formed the basis for her work in psychosocial oncology, with an initial focus on occupational rehabilitation, which has now moved to the broader area of palliative and end of life care, with a focus on rural care provision.
She has received an award (2010) from the Dutch Psychosocial Society and was the recipient of the La Trobe University Vice Chancellor’s Award (2019). Both awards were granted for her work on industry connection in research, collaborating with health care providers and consumers, building research capacity, and for bridging the gap between research and practice.
Dr. Spelten is Associate Editor for the Australian Journal of Rural Health, she has published 90+ articles, contributed to book chapters and received over $3 million in research funding.


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