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Farhad Hasan Graduate Researcher, Engineering

Farhad Hasan joined the Graduate Program in Civil & Geotechnical Engineering as a PhD student in August of 2016, and is currently working in the Geotechnical Laboratory of Associate Professor Hossam Abo El-Naga (Department of Civil Engineering), and co-supervisor Emeritus Professor Philip Broadbridge (Department of Mathematics & Statistics)
Farhad's PhD work focuses on Electrical Properties of Soils/Clays with a view to linking electrical conductivity phenomena for both saturated and partially saturated clays, particle size distribution of soils and relevant applications.
Farhad is also involved in industrial work with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, owned by the State Government of Victoria. He is working in the landfill team in order to perform diffusion modelling to track the contaminant migration through the compacted clay liners and geomembranes. The outcome of the project is expected to provide information on the waste acceptance into the Victorian landfill.
He completed his Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree in 2014 from North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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