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Dr Greg Holland Academic, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

Preservation of the natural environment in the face of increasing human change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. My research aims to improve our understanding of the ecological effects of such change, and to identify ways in which impacts may be mitigated. As such, much of my work is focussed on addressing applied ecological questions. I completed a PhD at Deakin University investigating the mechanisms responsible for the persistence of fauna in highly cleared and fragmented habitat. I have since held positions as a Research Fellow, first at Deakin University, and now at La Trobe University. During this time I have focussed on questions relating to the conservation of fauna in agricultural landscapes, the biodiversity benefits of revegetation, and the conservation ecology of threatened species. I have also worked on various projects with a focus on understanding the effects of fire (wildfire and prescribed burns) on plants, animals and ecosystem processes. This includes a landscape-scale study of the effects of experimental prescribed burns in Victoria's box-ironbark ecosystem.


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